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CMS Person and Family Engagement Strategic Plan

CMS Person and Family Engagement Strategic Plan

12/13/16 PDF icon person-and-family-engagement-strategic-plan-12-12-16.pdf
Medicare Learning Network Publication ICD-10-CM/PCS MYTHS AND FACTS
09/16/16 PDF icon icd-10-cmpcs-myths-and-facts.pdf
Provider Contacts for Medicare and Medicaid Questions
09/16/16 PDF icon provider-contacts-medicare-and-medicaid-questions.pdf
ICD-10 Quick Start Guide

This guide outlines 5 steps health care professionals can take to switch to ICD-10. You may have completed some steps already as part of your transition, and you can combine or skip steps if that works best for your practice.

09/16/16 PDF icon icd-10-quick-start-guide.pdf
Next Steps for Providers Assessment & Maintenance Toolkit

On October 1, 2015, ICD-10 became effective for all HIPAA-covered entities. This toolkit
offers providers tips and resources for:

09/16/16 PDF icon icd-10-next-steps-providers-assessment-and-maintenance-toolkit.pdf
CMS Publishes Key ICD10 performance Indicators

Now that you’ve made the switch to ICD-10, you can look for opportunities to analyze your progress. By tracking and comparing key performance indicators, or KPIs, you can identify and address issues with productivity, reimbursement, claims submission, and other processes.

This file has vital information on how to track your Key Performance Indicators along with links to CMS toolkits.

09/16/16 PDF icon icd-10-kpis-glance.pdf
Full Hyperbaric NCD
05/27/16 PDF icon hbo-ncd.pdf
Updates to HBO Therapy
05/27/16 PDF icon 20.29-hbo-therapy-dm-pmbs-42516f.pdf
Medicare Program Integrity Manual

Medicare Program Integrity Manual
Chapter 3 - Verifying Potential Errors and Taking Corrective Actions

05/04/16 PDF icon electronic-signature.pdf
Prohibition on Balance Billing Dually Eligible Individuals Enrolled in the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) Program

Medicare providers may not balance bill QMB individuals for Medicare cost-sharing, regardless of whether the State reimburses providers for the full Medicare cost-sharing amounts. Further, all original Medicare and MA providers --not only those that accept Medicaid--must refrain from charging QMB individuals for Medicare cost-sharing. Providers who inappropriately balance bill QMB individuals are subject to sanctions.

02/16/16 PDF icon se1128.pdf


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