2016 HIMSS Value of Health IT Survey


A survey of 52 executives paint a generally positive picture surrounding the perceived value derived from employing an electronic health record (EHR) system.

Experiencing value from one’s HIT investment appears to be the norm for those with advanced EHR capabilities. In fact, approximately 88 percent of the executives reported at least one positive outcome of their EHR leading one to conclude that HIT value experiences are fairly widespread among those surveyed. Of those surveyed 92% conduct research into how EHR impacts clinical processes and treatment outcomes. There were more examples of the positive impact use of EHR had on clinical treatments and outcomes than on any other aspect of the survey. This indicates that despite the commonly heard complaint that EHR has a negative impact on patient care, when this is looked at in a scientific manner the positive impact of EHR on patient care can be demonstrated.

The second most commonly cited benefit was in savings. According to the survey a properly implemented EHR can result in savings due to improvements in coding accuracy, speeding up the accounts receivable process and decreased transcription costs. The survey also cited the ability to share information between provides as a major benefit to the organization.

It is important to note that this survey was conducted on a group of organizations that have fully implemented the capabilities of their EHR technology. Without full implementation of the technology and USE of the technology by your practice you are not likely to achieve these benefits. In order to achieve the benefits you want from the technology you have in your organization, you and your staff need to embrace and use all of the features of the technology to the best of your abilty.

To read the HIMSS report visit http://s3.amazonaws.com/rdcms-himss/files/production/public/FileDownload...