A Gentle Reminder from CMS


A recent notice on the Medicare Part B Website is titled : Electronic Inquiries Must Not Include Protected Health Information

The content is:

Providers are reminded that National Government Services is unable to accept e-mail inquiries that include beneficiary/claim-specific information due to protected health information (PHI) Internet security policy requirements. When sending your request, please make sure it does not include any of the following information:

Medicare numbers
Social Security Numbers
Personal/beneficiary medical information
Confidential information

This policy also applies to providers submitting inquiries via the Customer Care Online Inquiry Form and the Electronic Data Interchange Help Desk E-mail Inquiry Form on the National Government Services Web site.

This should serve to a reminder to all of us that even with communicating with organizations that do have the right to view Protected Health Information, we should not be using email. Email is NOT a secure form of communication no matter who you are communicating with.