ONC 10 Year Plan for Health Information Technology


The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology unveiled it’s10-year vision for achieving a nationwide interoperable health IT infrastructure.

The goal of this 10 year plan is to “achieve interoperability across the health IT ecosystem," The 13-page document titled Connecting Health and Care for the Nation looks towards deploying technology that "makes the right data available to the right people at the right time … in a way that can be relied upon and meaningfully used by recipients."
It is anticipated that this system of connected health and care will "enable lower healthcare costs, improved population health, truly empower consumers, and drive innovation” The ONC realizes that achieving this goal will require collaboration of federal, and local governments as well as the private sector. The paper invites all interest stakeholders to become involved in the process of deploying this interoperable ecosystem.

Many who have been involved in the HIT ecosystem welcome this effort in the interoperability that will allow seamless communication between providers of healthcare is what is really required for Meaningful Use to have a positive impact on the quality of health care that is provided in this country.

Up until now implementation of Health Information Technology has focused on collecting data and storing the data in a manner that is capable of being shared. This new 10 year plan is focused on enabling the sharing of this data among health care providers. In addition engaging patients in their health care is a strong piece of the puzzle in improving the health of the entire population.
The entire paper can be downloaded by clidking http://www.cmeonline.com/downloads/cms-updates