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Dermfoot 2023

Where Podiatry and Dermatology Connect

Live Streaming Virtual Seminar up to 24 CME

Broadcast over 3 days

Saturday April 29

Sunday May 13

Saturday June 3

Learning Objectives
  • The use of dermoscopy for the evaluation of acral skin and nail pathology
  • The physiology, evaluation, and management of longitudinal melanonychia
  • The science, technique, and medico-legal pitfalls of skin and nail biopsy
  • The evaluation, diagnosis, and management of diseases in the skin of color and the use of photomedicine
  • Inflammatory dermatoses, vasculitis, infections of the lower extremity, and their relationship with systemic disease
  • The use of topicals and cryotherapy for the treatment and maintenance of pedal pathology.
  • Applications of monoclonal antibodies, antibiotics, and antifungals and their use for skin disease of the foot and ankle
  • The surgical treatment of subungual glomus tumors, benign and malignant nail tumors, and general nail pathology.
  • Advanced skin surgery for the excision of melanoma, SCC, and BCC of the lower extremity
  • Nail matrix biopsy and its technique, indications, and nuances.
  • Wound healing basics, clinical mimics in pedal lesions, and the ten most common podiatric dermatological conditions
  • The Economics of antibiotic stewardship
Registration Fee

$695 for all three days

Intended Audience

Podiatrists and other Medical professionals treating dermatologic conditions of the lower extremities

Attendance Verification

There will be morning and afternoon attendance polls and your connection to the platform will be tracked.