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7:00 PM Eastern

Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

Disasters are serious disruptions to the functioning of your practice. Disasters can be caused by natural events such as Fires, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Earthquakes. They can be due to technology failures such as computers crashing, networks going down. They can be man made by events such as computer viruses, ransomware or even construction accidents. They do happen and whether you recover and how long it takes you to recover will depend upon how prepared you are to recover from a disaster. In this webinar we will explore types or disasters, and how you can minimize downtime to ensure your ability to provide quality patient care and ensure the financial health of your practice.

Learning Objectives

1) Understand what events can be disasters for your practice

2) Learn how to implement a plan to mitigate the impact of a disaster on your practice

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Intended Audience

Podiatrists and other Medical professionals

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2 Hour Lecture by Michael L. Brody, DPM on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery