Meaningful Use Stage 2 MIA at HIMSS12 so far

The main topic of conversation at the annual HIMSS meeting in Las Vegas this morning is "What happened to Meaningful Use Stage 2?" The Venetian/Sands Expo center is bustling with people from around the country and the world, all here to see and to talk about the latest and greatest in health care technology. For the early birds there was an Intel breakfast at 6:30 am - perfect for the east coast visitors - with a pair of very informative presentations on Disruptive Innovation and how to deal with a rapidly aging population from the point of view of IT.

However the 500 pound gorilla in the room is MU2, and what is happening with it. The street buzz was split between last Friday and yesterday being the release dates for the proposed rules, but neither happened. A 9:45 CMS workshop that was supposed to be about MU2 was instead a discussion on what will happen once it is released and how to comment upon it.

Given the number of workshops scheduled for the week on MU2, many are still hopeful that the preliminary rules will appear shortly, but even if that is not the case, there is still plenty to do and plenty to see here at HIMSS.