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Category: is a physician portal with virtual and includes virtual/in-person training and strategic partnerships that will help circulate CMS’ ICD-10 resources across the small physician practice community. Sections of the website include:

- ICD-10 Overview
- Physician Perspectives
- Webcasts
- Quick References
- Template Library
- Events

The ICD-10 Overview includes a sections on ICD-10 Basics, What is different with ICD-10, and How will my practice benefit from ICD-10.

The Physician Perspectives includes sections on Physician Champions, Stories from the Road and Physician Champion Insights.

The webcasts has some very interesting sections including a section on Specialty Documentation Webcasts.

The Templates are forms for your practice to use when evaluating the readiness of your partners such as billing service, clearinghouse, and technology vendor.

There are also Specialty references that have common codes for many specializes primers and sample outpatient focused scenarios to illustrate specific ICD-10 clinical documentation considerations. These examples underscore the importance of including the proper level of detail needed to support the selection of the most appropriate ICD-10 diagnosis codes based on a patient's circumstance.

A review of this website and the reference materials within the website can help to understand the new documentation requirements associated with coding for ICD-10.