19 million patient health records were breached in 2011


Here are some details from the report issued by Redspin:

385 breaches of protected health information (PHI)
19,016,894 patient health records affected
49,396 average # of patient records per breach in 2011, an 80% increase over 2010
59% of all breaches involved a business associate
39% occurred on a laptop or other portable device
25% occurred on a desktop PC or server
60% resulted from malicious intent (theft, hacking)
97% increase in total records breached, 2010-2011
76% increase in records breached involving a business associate, 2010-2011
525% growth in records breached due to loss 2010-2011

HIPAA breaches are on the rise, and the majority of HIPAA breaches were the result of theft or hacking. Now more than ever you need to have a good HIPAA Security Program in place at your practice.

For the full report visit :http://www.redspin.com/docs/Redspin_PHI_2011_Breach_Report.pdf