Patient Records Remain Available Despite Hurricane.

Less than one week after Joplin was hit by deadliest tornado in U.S. history, after it's information technology infrastructure was destroyed along with the building. St. John’s was again caring for patients. A 60-bed mobile hospital has been set up and patients’ medical histories are avalable thanks to an electronic health record system.
A few weeks before the tornado struck St. John’s, the hospital and its physician practices began using a ahared electronic health record (EHR) system used by other Mercy hospitals and clinics in four states. Access to the EHR helped to get the hospital back online quickly, and also helped patients who were transferred to other hospitals after the storm.
“If the tornado had hit a month earlier, before installing the electronic health record system in Joplin, St. John’s would not have been able to bring up our mobile hospital within a week’s time. We still would not be operational at this point,” said Mike McCreary of Mercy Technology Services. “Today, patients have continuity of care across all of our physician locations and the new St. John’s Mercy Hospital, and connection to the entire Mercy health system, because of our EHR and our ability to quickly re-establish communication services.”