According to Forbes, Hospital Association "Declares War" on Patient Empowerment

According to an article in Forbes, the AHA comments on the proposed Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements amount to a war on patient empowerment. In a nutshell the AHA article says that MU2 as proposed is too far ahead of where technology and doctors are right now and that MU2 should be delayed.

Given that the US is so far behind Europe and much of the rest of the world in medical technology, I personally would have to agree. The US still uses the out-of-date ICD-9, while the rest of the world has long moved on to ICO-10, and the fact that such a minimal percentage of doctors have attested to MU1, which is really just a bare minimum baseline of e-PHI, says everything. The AHA should be ashamed of themselves and rather than trying to stand in the way of progress, they should be leading the charge.

Here is a link tot he Forbes article: