E H R and Malpractice.

Every certified E H R software package has auditing built into the program. This auditing feature keeps track of every time a chart is written to, edited, or looked at. By reviewing the audit trail you can see who has done what in a patient’s medical record and when.

This means that anybody with access to these audit logs will be able to see which members of your staff reviewed a patient’s chart and when that was done. In addition they will know when a chart entry was created, edified and viewed. Proper and Improper use or modification of a E H R record will be recorded in the audit log of the E H R program.

Articles are already appearing from plaintiff attorneys discussing how viewing these audit logs can confirm that tests results were reviewed and notes were edited. The go on to discuss how these audit logs can as they put it expose lies and fabrications by witnesses. These articles go on to discuss how these logs can impeach or undermine a witness’ testimony at trial.

Audit logs have been utilized to identify improper viewing of patients’ records and there have been multiple incidents of health care workers losing their jobs for improperly accessing records or celebrities.

There is much for health care workers to understand when it comes to proper use of E H R software.

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