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In search for interplay between stool microRNAs, microbiota and short chain fatty acids in Crohn’s disease - a preliminary study

Inflammatory bowel diseases are classic polygenic disorders, with genetic loads that reflect immunopathological processes in response to the intestinal microbiota. Herein we performed the multiomics analysis b...

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Type IV choledochal cyst with polycystic kidney disease: a case report

Choledochal cysts are divided into 5 types. Physicians believe that Caroli disease (which refers to type V biliary cysts) is a special type of biliary cyst caused by a mutation in the PKHD1 gene and is associated...

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“Black box warning” rash with entecavir - case report

Hepatitis B infection is a significant worldwide health issue, predispose to the development of liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Entecavir is a potent oral antiviral agent of high genetic barrier ...

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