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Lipofilled Mini Dorsi Flap: An Efficient Less Invasive Concept for Immediate Breast Reconstruction

The traditional extended latissimus dorsi flap technique, in addition to lipofilling, has been one of the main procedures used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. However, to obtain excellent results, this technique requires a large muscle harvest and further lipofilling sessions. The lipofilled mini dorsi flap technique, performed in a single operation, appealed to us as a way to improve the traditional technique.
We present our experience with the lipofilled mini dorsi flap technique in a new scenario.
Materials and Methods
We performed breast reconstruction with a lipofilled mini dorsi flap in female patients with breast cancer who underwent mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction with a lipofilled mini dorsi flap. The operative technique is detailed in this article. The results were evaluated by the patients and the surgical team.
We performed 72 lipofilled mini dorsi flap procedures during breast reconstruction surgery from May 2017 to January 2019. Fifty-nine (81.9%) cases were immediate reconstructions. Complications, such as infection or necrosis of the flap, were not observed in this study. We noticed seroma and 1 case of infected lymphocele, which was drained.
Body mass index (BMI) was directly related to postoperative dorsal seroma. The authors reported that greater BMI was associated with a higher seroma volume.
Most patients evaluated their reconstruction as satisfactory. The surgical team evaluated most of the results as very satisfactory or satisfactory. There were no cases of unsatisfactory results reported either by the patients or the surgical team.
The lipofilled mini dorsi flap technique is an efficient, elegant, and less invasive solution that is more easily and quickly performed and achieves excellent long-term results in the immediate breast reconstruction scenario. For the first time to our knowledge, lipofilling was used to reduce the extent of latissimus dorsi dissection. The postoperative follow-up was better tolerated by patients. This technique may be offered to patients regardless of oncological treatment. In our experience, the lipofilled mini dorsi flap method has become the primary technique for immediate breast reconstruction.

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