The ability to search the internet for quality health care providers


The following is from a CMS email recently sent out:


Looking for a high-quality provider? Medicare can help.
Do you need surgery and aren’t sure which hospital to choose? Does your mom need nursing care? Are you leaving the hospital, but you still need care in your home? Medicare’s online tools can help you find high-quality providers for any of these situations.

Compare hospitals in your area to see how they did with different situations, like giving their surgery patients an antibiotic at the right time to help prevent infection. You can also see patient ratings, like the percentage of patients that recommend the hospital.
Compare nursing homes in your area to find out about health and fire safety inspection results, whether complaints have been filed about the nursing home, and how the nursing home did in different situations, like percentage of residents who report moderate or severe pain.
Compare home health agencies in your area to see how often a home health agency used best practices when caring for its patients and whether its patients got better in certain important areas of care, like bathing or getting out of bed.

Find even more tools to help you find doctors, Medicare plans, or medical equipment suppliers at


With the advent of Quality Reporting, and other tools within EHR software, it is quite possible that this list will eventually include "Compare doctors in your area".
Evidence based medicine and quality reporting will become more and more important to the health of our practices. This is just another reason to properly implement EHR technology and use the tools within the software to the fullest capacity.