Many Patients Love EHRs, Fear Storing Data Themselves


An article in Information Week has provided us with insight into patients and their interest in utilizing electronic resources to view their health information. While a large number have expressed an interest in accessing their health information online (an estimated 56 million patients) that only represents 41% of the population. The majority of the population is not yet interested in accessing their health information online. The article provides details on the demographics of the two groups which are quite different. The article points out that there is steady growth in the number of patients who wish to have online access to their health information.

The federal government has embarked on a program of education of the public about personal health records (PHR's) and this will help to increase the number of patients who wish to access their health information. In addition as EMR use becomes more prevelant among health care providers, and providers utilize portals for patient communication patients will become more aware of these resources. At CMEonline we believe that within 3 years a majority of the patients in this country will be utilizing online resources to view and store their health information.

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