EHR expanding to include Patient Physical Activity Data


Kaiser Permanente has successfully compiled accurate and valuable information to assist physicians in treating and counseling patients about their lifestyles.

The pilot program included 1.8 million patients from the Southern California region. 86 percent of the patients had exercise information incorporated into the EHR. Of the 86 percent of patients who had exercise information in the record 1/3 were meeting national guidelines for physical activity, 1/3 were exercising and not meeting the guidelines, and 1/3 were not exercising at all. The US Department of Health guidelines are that Americans should engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity weekly.

Access to this information enabled providers to understand their patients better and provide targeted education and counseling to the 2/3 of the patients who were not meeting guidelines. Kaiser is looking forward to correlating the exercise data with health care utilization, cost and chronic disease in a scientific manner.