To ICD 10 or not to ICD 10… That is the question.


This year’s HIMSS conference was chock full of vendors who were showcasing their ICD 10 tools to assist doctors and hospitals with the process of converting to ICD 10. This was set to be a major topic and focus of the exhibit hall, but the big news is that ICD 10 is being delayed.
To say the least this took the wind out of the sails of many vendors in the exhibit hall but in general all were ‘optimistic’ that there eventually would be a market for their products. I use the term optimistic due to the fact that many providers would be very happy if the transition to ICD 10 were canceled altogether. I would not count on ICD 10 being canceled.
Much of the rest of the world is already utilizing ICD 11 and we as a country are well behind the curve in terms of interoperability with other countries. In addition ICD 10 is much more granular and specific than ICD 9 and will be a much more powerful tool in healthcare analytics moving into the future.
The positive side of this from the perspective of the buying public is that these tools will be even more mature by the time we need them, and at least some of the companies that are not well funded and more likely to fail will probably be gone by the time the HIMSS 13 exhibit hall opens in New Orleans next year.
I had planned on providing information on what I thought were good tools for ICD 10 conversion for a small doctor’s office this year, but like ICD 10 that is on hold also. I fully expect to present a series of articles on that topic after next year’s meeting.