150 HIPAA Audits have been announced by HITECH


KPMG has been given the green light by HITECH to begin their audits. We had reported earlier that KPMG had been given a grant to do compliance audits, which is the first step away from the previous reactive audits. For the first time, KPMG will be preforming 150 proactive audits commencing this month and spanning the next 13 months.

According to the OCR website, audit targets were selected over the last two months, with no targets having yet to be publicly identified, and no providers acknowledging that they are being targeted.

If you do not yet have a HIPAA manual, perhaps it is time to put one together. If you do have a HIPAA manual, be sure it is up to date and that all appropriate changed and training have been done.

For more info on the audits, see http://www.jdsupra.com/post/documentViewer.aspx?fid=9396545e-bf27-4745-b...

For HIPAA manual info, see the downloads section above.