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Dermfoot 2023

DERMfoot is the first annual meeting in the country devoted to providing foot and ankle specialists with an experience that no other seminar can match. Instead of hours devoted to traditional subjects like surgery and biomechanics, we focus on what a podiatrist treats every day - the skin.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and can be a rewarding discipline to focus on while providing our patients with a better quality of life. Skin cancer is the 5th most common cancer in the US. Melanoma, largely found on the palms, soles, and nail units, is the deadliest. We can do something to change these statistics with a simple skin evaluation for our patients.

DERMfoot 2023 will continue its tradition of dermatological excellence. Our world-renowned faculty of podiatrists, dermatologists, and researchers will provide expert panel discussions in the areas of regenerative medicine, dermoscopy, infectious disease, nail pathology, and onychomycosis, as well as general dermatology. As you experience DERMfoot, it will become clear that our entire team not only has a passion for everything skin but that it will make an immediate impact on your skill set and the efficacy of your practice!

Free for attendees of the live event
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What Will You Learn?

Upon conclusion of the DERMfoot scientific program, attendees will have an enhanced understanding of:

  • The use of dermoscopy for the evaluation of acral skin and nail pathology
  • The physiology, evaluation, and management of longitudinal melanonychia
  • The science and technique and medico-legal pitfalls in skin and nail biopsy
  • The evaluation, diagnosis, and management of diseases in the skin of color and the use of photomedicine
  • Inflammatory dermatoses, vasculitis, infections of the lower extremity, and their relationship with systemic disease
  • The use of topicals and cryotherapy for treatment and maintenance of pedal pathology.
  • Applications of monoclonal antibodies, antibiotics, antifungals, and their use for skin disease of the foot and ankle
  • The surgical treatment of subungual glomus tumors, benign and malignant nail tumors, and general nail pathology.
  • Advanced skin surgery for the excision of melanoma, SCC, and BCC of the lower extremity
  • Nail matrix biopsy and its technique, indications, and nuances.
  • Wound healing basics, clinical mimics in pedal lesions, and the ten most common podiatric dermatological conditions
  • The Economics of antibiotic stewardship

Refund Policy

No refunds are available for online courses

Compliance Statement

The information contained in this presentation does not establish a standard of care, nor does it constitute legal advice.

The information is for general informational purposes only and is prepared from a perspective to aid in understanding the pathology.

In accordance with the Council on Podiatric Medical Education's Standards and Requirements for Approval of Providers of Continuing Education in Podiatric Medicine, any relevant financial relationships with commercial interests of faculty, planning committee, or any others who have influence over the content of this educational activity must be disclosed to program participants. There are no conflicts of interest to disclose for this program

Commercial Interests: No commercial interest provided financial support for this continuing education activity.