Google Health Shutting Down Jan 1, 2012

Google Health will be shut down at the end of this year. In their blog post at they describe why they have made this decision.

Google is a major provider of services on the internet, Google Health along with Microsoft Health Vault are the two most prominent providers of personal health records (PHR). Meaningful Use Stage 1 has menu measures that require use of features that can be delivered through a PHR. Meaningful Use Stage 2 (currently not finalized) has even more measures that are best handled by a PHR or patient portal. This should server as a wake up call to providers and EMR vendors that we can not rely on these software giants to provide this extremely important service. They have their own agenda and it may not coincide with the agenda of Meaningful Use.

Each vendor should develop their own portal software, and then through that portal allow patients to populate information to other PHR software offerings. This is the only way to insure that doctors who wish to meet Meaningful Use will always have acces to the tools necessary to achieve this goal.