US gov't proposal: Patient direct access to labs


The U.S. government is proposing new rules that would give patients access to the results of their lab tests directly from the labs, without having to wait to hear from their doctor. During the public webcast given today she proposed this change, while mentionign her own frustrations with getting lab test results.

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CMS has issued a final rule for the E-Prescribing program


CMS has issued a final rule for the E-Prescribing program that includes additional hardship exemptions and allow providers more time to apply for an exemption.

Providers who do not meet the E-Prescribing requirements face cuts in their Medicare Fees in 2012 and 2013. Under the program providers who did not report 10 electronic prescriptions by June 30 face a 1% cut in fees for 2012, and providers who do not report 25 electronic prescriptions by December 31 face a 1% cut in Medicare fees for 2013

$400 million in EHR incentive payments issued to date


Robert Tagalicod, the director of the Office of eHealth Standards and Services at the CMS, has reported that 77,000 providers have registered for the EHR incentive payments and that twenty-one states have their Medicaid EHR incentive payment programs open to receive provider registrations.

More than 3,500 providers have received their first payments under the various operational Medicaid programs. and an additional 1,000 physicians and hospitals have been issued checks under the Medicare Program.

Natural Language Processing Coming to HIM Depts.


Keep a lookout in upcoming sessions as conventions for something called Natural Language Processing. It is what will allow you to speak to your computer and have the speech transcribed directly into the computer and have SNOMED CT and other terminologies or codes applied.

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