Why didnt I get my Meaningful Use Check?

CMS provided an update explaining why some EP's who attested have not recieved their incentive check with the 6 - 8 week timeframe.

The maximum incentive check is $18,000 or 75% of the Medicare Allowed amount, whichever is less. When an EP hits $24,000 in Medicare allowable they have reached the maximum incentive amount. If an EP attests, and they have not yet met the $24,000 threshold the check is held until that threshold is reached. This way the EP does not have to apply for the balance and CMS does not have to write 2 or more checks.

Copying and Pasting in EMR does not result in improved quality of care.

A retrospective study of more than 5000 patients with diabetes was completed at to determine the relationship between copied lifestyle counseling documentation and glucose control.

The study demonstrated that copying and pasting was not associated with improvement in care, while the original note can directly be related to improvement in quality of care.

For the full report see http://archinte.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/full/archinternmed.2011.219v1

Report Demonstrated that EHR improves care for patients in Medical Home

A report titled "Centering on the Patient: How Electronic Health Records Enable Care Coordination" found that using care coordination enabled by electronic health record (EHR) resulted in numerous process improvements for patients with Type 2 diabetes and heart disease in a medical home. Overall, the project demonstrated improvements in care planning, provider-patient communications, intra-office coordination, more advanced use of EHRs, enhanced patient coaching, improved referral process to specialists, expanded nursing role and more user-friendly information for patients.


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