Pittsburgh health care battle and how it may impact your practice.


The players are Highmark and UPMC.

Highmark is a not-for-profit healthcare company based in Pittsburgh. It is the largest health insurer in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware. It also has a presence in many other states through its subsidiary Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. Highmark represents 60% of the patients in the Pittsburgh region.

For Meaningful Use What is a Business Day?

Federal Holidays are NOT Business days. Days that are not part of the work week are NOT Business days. If your office is open and you have staff available then a day is a Business Day. Some offices may be open Monday through Friday, for those offices there are 5 business days in a typical week. Other offices are open Monday through Saturday, for those offices there are 6 business days in a typical work week.

This is not my first year of Meaningful Use. What is my 2014 reporting period

You are locked into a calendar quarter for your reporting periods. That is Jan 1 - March 31, April 1 - June 20, July 1 - September 30, or October 1 - December 31. I recommend that you attempt to meet Meaningful Use as soon as possible so that should you not meet the measures you have a second chance. If you wait until the fourth quarter and you do not meet Meaningful Use you do not have a second chance.

2014 is my first year of attesting for Meaningful Use. What is my Meaningful Use Reporting Period in 2014

If this is your first year of meaningful use, and you have NOT previously attested for meaningful use, then your attestation period is any 90 continuous calendar days.

It is important to realize that you are currently in line to have a payment adjustment (penalty) of 1% of your allowable Medicare fees in 2015 since you did not meet meaningful use in 2013. But if you complete your 90 days and attest prior to October 1 of 2014 you will be exempt from the payment adjustment in 2015. If you meet Meaningful Use in 2014 but attest after October 1 you will get a penalty in 2015.

If I am at Stage 1 and have 2014 Certified Software What is the requirement for View, Download and Transmit

You must provide more than 50% of all patients seen during your reporting period with access to their health information online. This information must be available to your patients within 4 business days after the information is available to you. The patients must have the ability to view their information, download their information or transmit their information.

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