Automatically lock out Windows 7 users after incorrect password guesses


This is a basic one for HIPAA security and it is not hard to do. When someone enters the wrong password 5 times, you should lock them out for at least 30 minutes.

Why would you do this? It stops someone from running an attack on a computer if they find out a valid username.

The article is here:

Did AOL CEO’s comments violate HIPAA?


Did AOL CEO’s comments violate HIPAA?

The CEO of AOL, in a call with workers blames costs on two moms who had babies in distress. Personally Identifiable Information? Well, if that is enough for people to know about whom he was talking, you bet!

Follow the link below to see Attorney Bill Frumkin on the fallout from AOL CEO Tim Armstrong’s comments on

Getting Ready for Disaster Recovery

One of the important aspects of your Risk Mitigation Plan is you Disaster Recovery Plan. A recent article in Health IT News discusses disasters and some approaches to disaster recovery.
When we talk about HIPAA security there are three events we must protect against
• Breaches in Confidentiality of Data
• Lack of Availability of Data
• Damage to the integrity of Data

Proper Disposal of Computers

It is not the whole computer that you need to worry about, it is about the storage of data in the computer. The storage of data is on your hard drive in your computer. It is also VERY IMPORTANT to realize that computers are NOT the only devices that you need to remove sensitive information from before they leave your office.

Medicare to accept revised CMS-1500 claim form starting in January


The CMS-1500 Claim Form has been recently revised with changes including those to better support the use of the ICD-10 diagnosis code set. The revised CMS-1500 form version 02/12 will replace version 08/05. The revised form will give providers the ability to indicate whether they are using ICD-9 or ICD-10 diagnosis codes, which is important as the October 1, 2014, transition approaches. It also allows for additional diagnosis codes, expanding from four possible codes to 12.


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